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Institute of Analysis
Leibniz Universität HannoverName

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  • Office
    Welfengarten 1
    Room D401
    30167 Hannover
    Telephone +49 511 762 5386
    Telefax +49 511 762 3518
  • Office hours
    By appointment
  • Mailing address
    PD Dr. habil. Michael J. Gruber
    Leibniz Universität Hannover
    Institut für Analysis
    Welfengarten 1
    30167 Hannover
  • e-mail: (Riemann Center)
    PGP/GPG messages welcome. Keyid: 0xAD1BDE567F73D9CC
    Fingerprint: 005B BB1F 717E 511B 78F3 946E AD1B DE56 7F73 D9CC
    Please do check the fingerprint. My key is in the strong set of keys, therefore there is a revoked fake (evil32) copy with the same short id but different long id and fingerprint.